Hit the Greens, Help the Mind

It is more than just a slogan, it’s a call to action. This event combines the joys of golf with the serious goal of supporting mental health research through acupuncture and alternative therapies. Every swing you take contributes to innovative mental health solutions.

2024 RBC Huatuo Invitational Golf Tournament



Join us at the prestigious Hamptons venue for the “Hit the Greens, Help the Mind” event, a unique gathering that blends competitive golf with the mission of advancing mental health through alternative medicine. This prestigious tournament, sponsored by RBC Bank, offers participants the chance to compete in two exciting formats: the Individual Championship – Stroke Play, and the Team Championship – Texas Scramble.

Dual Competition Formats

Challenge your skills in the Individual Championship – Stroke Play, where precision and perseverance can lead you to victory as you play against fellow golf enthusiasts. Or, gather your friends and colleagues to compete in the Team Championship – Texas Scramble, a cooperative and strategic format that emphasizes teamwork and creative play. Both formats are designed to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable golfing experience while fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

A Cause Worth Swinging For

Every stroke taken during the tournament not only advances competitors towards the trophy but also directly contributes to innovative research in acupuncture and holistic mental health treatments. This fusion of sport and philanthropy has a profound impact, supporting the development of groundbreaking health solutions that can truly transform lives.

Networking and Collaboration

The 2024 RBC Huatuo Invitational is not just a sporting event; it’s a nexus for thought leaders in both the corporate and medical communities. Engage with experts in acupuncture, mental health, and alternative medicine, and explore how these practices are revolutionizing mental health care. Network with peers, exchange ideas, and build partnerships in a setting that encourages collaboration and community support.

A Premier Experience

Expect a day filled with exceptional golf, luxurious amenities, and high-stakes competition. From the moment you set foot on the course, every detail from the power carts to the gourmet dinner is designed to provide a top-tier experience. Compete for trophies and prizes while enjoying an event perfectly tailored to those who appreciate the finer aspects of golf and philanthropy.

Make Your Mark

The 2024 RBC Huatuo Invitational offers more than just a game—it’s a chance to make a tangible impact on the future of mental health. Join us to support innovative research while enjoying a day of unparalleled golf. Let’s drive the change together towards better mental health through alternative medicine.

Join Us

Register today and be a part of one of this year’s most meaningful golf tournaments. Your participation at the 2024 RBC Huatuo Invitational will not only challenge your skills on the greens but also contribute to a vital cause. Together, we can create lasting improvements in mental health care.

History and Purpose

About Huatuo Clinic
Founded in 1997, Huatuo Clinic is a not-for-profit organization that combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with modern healthcare practices. We specialize in acupuncture and TCM, focusing on mental health, pain management, women’s health, fertility, and facial acupuncture. Our partnership with the Alberta College of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACATCM) and the University of Calgary enriches our clinical and educational capabilities, keeping us at the forefront of healthcare innovation. Led by Dr. Benny Xu and his team, we are committed to improving community well-being through advanced, holistic care.

Commitment to Excellence
Huatuo Clinic is renowned for its excellence in mental health services, utilizing acupuncture and other TCM methodologies to create tailored treatment plans that address both the symptoms and underlying causes of mental health issues. Our approach extends to managing chronic pain, supporting women’s health, and enhancing fertility through expertly administered acupuncture treatments.

Collaborative Efforts
Our relationship with the Alberta College of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACATCM) has been pivotal in advancing our educational and clinical practices. This collaboration ensures that we remain at the cutting edge of research, continuously updating and expanding our treatment capabilities based on the latest scientific findings and therapeutic techniques.

Leadership and Vision
Huatuo Clinic’s vision combines Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with modern medical practices to advance holistic health solutions. The clinic leads the field by integrating innovative approaches that address both current and emerging health challenges. This leadership extends to mental health, pain management, and overall well-being.

Strategic partnerships with the Alberta College of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACATCM) and the University of Calgary enhance our research and educational efforts, positioning Huatuo Clinic at the forefront of healthcare innovation. These collaborations support our commitment to patient-centered care, ensuring that treatment developments meet the specific needs of our patients.

Huatuo Clinic sets a standard for medical care that prioritizes balanced, effective approaches to health, thereby making a significant impact on community well-being.

The Role of the Tournament
The 2024 RBC Huatuo Invitational Golf Tournament plays a critical role in supporting our mission. This event not only raises awareness about the importance of mental health but also generates essential funds to support our research and community services. Participants and sponsors of the tournament directly contribute to our ability to develop innovative treatments and expand our outreach to those in need.

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